"Proud to be a part of the Racking Horse Breeders Association of America - Decatur Alabama"

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Officers For 2011
President, Sue Dunn
Vice President, John C. Dash
Board Members
Wendy Curtis
Bob Brumley
Andy Roberts
Randy Hester
Speed Racking Horse Association
 The Description Of The Breed

The Speed Racking Horse is a horse breed which has been around for many years, but is just becoming popular among equestrians. The speed racking horse is an all around perfect horse in the hands of a skilled racking horse trainer. Good breeding combined with responsible training produces a versatile horse with speed and the smoothness of the racking or single-foot horse. A well bred speed racking horse should have a good level mind and be willing to walk, slow gait and fast gait when asked.

The Speed Rack is an even 4 beat gait where the foot falls are left hind, left fore, right hind, right fore which softens the lateral movement. A good speed racking horse is able to gait at 25 to 28 MPH and smooth enough for the rider to maintain a easy seat in the saddle. The Speed Racking Horse in many cases can be a cross between a home grown non-registered horse and a Racking or Walking horse. This is a difficult mix to breed because the breeder must be careful not to get a colt with too much pace or the horse will cross over to a pace rather than maintain the smooth four beat rack that causes a smooth movement at all speeds. While size can vary, a sturdy build with refined confirmation is desirable. A well bred Speed Racking Horse is a distinct breed and unusually docile with a very large back end, a naturally high stepping front end, exceptional stamina and the innate ability to metabolize oxygen better than all other gaited breeds. So if you own a speed racking horse or just enjoy watching them burn up the ring on a Saturday night you are not part of a minority, but definitely a majority. What we all share is the need for speed.                                                          

 Written By John C. Dash
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